What to Look For In a Tree Removal Service

Finding a reliable mt vernon tree service company is harder than it seems. With the sheer number of companies willing to perform a variety of tree services, choosing one that will meet your needs in a safe and efficient fashion can quickly become a chore. Here are 5  tips on what to look for in a tree removal company.

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1. Insurance

If you are considering a tree removal service that does not have proper insurance, you are in danger of being liable for any accidents or injuries that occur. The tree service you are considering should be fully insured with appropriate liability insurance and workers compensation. That way, you will not be at risk of having to pay for accident repairs or injuries, should something go wrong during the project.

2. Reasonable Prices

One of the warning signs to look for when hiring a tree removal service is if their prices unreasonably cheap or incredibly expensive. If their prices are unusually cheap, then there’s probably a reason for it other than customer service. Many businesses that lack experience, lack insurance, or lack a good reputation offer lower prices to entice more clientele. Stay away from businesses like these.

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On the other hand, many salesmen will try to charge you an arm and a leg for a project that is not complex or labor intensive. To protect yourself from paying too much for tree services, don’t be afraid to shop around and get quotes from other businesses. This can keep you current on standard pricing for the project you’re considering and help you to find a reasonable service that matches your budget.


Avoid love at first site when it comes to choosing a tree service agency. Don’t be afraid to check the businesses website for positive and negative reviews. How many years has this business been up and running? Can they provide references that support the quality of their work?

Don’t pass off the responsibility of your tree care to an unqualified service provider. Especially for large or complex projects, it is well worth your time to investigate the reputation of the tree service company you are considering.

4. Avoid Door-to-Door Contractors

These salespeople have developed a reputation for being scammers that rip off their customers or never even provide a service. To find trustworthy tree service providers, you will probably need to do some research and visit some shops. These companies will likely be more established and provide better, more reliable services than those salesmen that you’ll find on your doorstep.

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5. Specialized services

Tree care is rarely a ‘one size fits all situation,’ so consider a company that will perform tree removals that are unique to your situation and needs. Whether you want branch trimming, trunk or stump removal, or are looking for other additional services, keep an eye out for tree removal service that will make your needs their highest priority. A tree service that provides emergency tree removals is also a great resource to have on hand for when strong winds or storms leave you in need of some prompt assistance.

Finding a tree removal service that provides all of the above can quickly turn into quite a project. At Precision Tree Services, we offer specialized, tailored services at reasonable prices and with the utmost care. We are fully insured and have provided quality services for over 10 years. For more information, feel free to give us a call, or fill out our contact form.